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NFL Wants Players to Pay for Los Angeles Stadium
Bloomberg BusinessWeek

The National Football League is asking its players to help finance any new stadium in Los Angeles, a prerequisite to putting a team in the No. 2 U.S. media market for the first time since the Raiders and Rams bolted in 1994.

The NFL players union, which confirmed the talks, typically assumes some of the cost of stadium financing through what are called stadium credits, negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement. However, team owners have exhausted the credits approved in the existing contract, which runs through 2020. Any additional money from players — as for a proposed stadium in L.A. — must be approved on a one-off basis.

How much the players would pay for either stadium is unclear. The ultimate amount of a stadium credit is affected by several things, including how much projected revenue the proposed facility would generate.

Still, two executives from NFL teams said the credit could be worth about $300 million if two teams share the stadium. The executives requested anonymity because the league hasn’t commented on talks with the players association.

On n’arrête pas de nous dire à quel point les joueurs de jockey ont hâte de jouer à Québec et qu’ils souhaitent tous le retour des Nordiques…

Parfait, puisque les joueurs de la NHL sont en amour avec Québec qu’on fasse comme la NFL; que la ligue exige que l’association des joueurs participe au projet, on pourrait leur demander de débourser 200 millions pour rembourser la part du gouvernement provincial dans le projet…

Put your money where your mouth is… Après tout, ce n’est pas normal que des contribuables payent des impôts pour venir en aide à des millionnaires du sport. Merci à la NFL de l’avoir, dans une certaine mesure, compris.