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Texas emerges as top destination for Californians fleeing state
The Washington Times

Californians are fleeing the state in unprecedented numbers, and their primary destination is Texas, according to an analysis issued Monday.

About 5 million Californians departed the Golden State between 2004 and 2013, while 3.9 million arrived from other states for a net population loss of roughly 1.1 million, The Sacramento Bee reported Monday, using tax return data from the Internal Revenue Service.

The estimated loss in annual income to California? Roughly $26 billion.

Nearly 600,000 Californians wound up in Texas, while about 348,000 Texans moved to California. The other top net recipients of Californians were Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, the analysis found. The graphic also shows that the people leaving California earn more overall than those entering California.

For example, those leaving California for Texas had a combined income of $15 billion, while those leaving Texas for California earned $9.7 billion, meaning that Texas received a windfall of $5.3 billion. Analysts blame a host of factors for the migration, starting with California’s high tax rate and cost of living.

Un autre bel exemple d’avarice fiscale d’un gouvernement…

Au lieu d’imposer raisonnablement ses citoyens, la Californie a voulu se remplir les poches. Résultat: les gens ont quitté la Californie en masse pour aller vivre au Texas, un État qui impose peu les gens. Au Final, la Californie a donc perdu 26 milliards en impôts sur le revenu alors que le Texas a pu augmenter ses recettes fiscales grâce aux nouveaux venus.

Les gouvernements qui imposent trop devraient lire La Fontaine: « l’avarice perd tout en voulant tout gagner ».