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Self-Driving ‘Robocabs’ Could Help Curb Global Warming
National Geographic

Self-driving cars could do more than allow passengers to nap, read e-mails, or watch movies on the road. When used as taxis, scientists say, the type of robotic vehicles that Google and Uber are building could also cut greenhouse gas emissions—a lot.

An autonomous or self-driving electric cab in 2030 could emit up to 94 percent fewer emissions per mile than a conventional gasoline car of today, and it could be far cheaper than taxis with drivers, says a study Monday by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Almost half the savings occur, because the taxi is “right-sized” for each trip.

« Most trips in the U.S. are taken singly, meaning one- or two-seat cars would satisfy most trips, » author Jeffery Greenblatt says in announcing the findings. Small taxis use less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases than larger ones that carry multiple passengers or those with luggage.

Google’s adorable self-driving car, which looks like the police cruisers in Disney’s Cars movies, hit the road in California this summer. It has no steering wheel or pedals but, to meet California law, it will have a human aboard—just in case.

Not to be outdone, ride-sharing giant Uber has partnered with Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University to develop its own autonomous cars. Its prototype appeared on the streets of Pittsburgh in May.

Les voitures sans conducteur développées par Google et Uber pourraient réduire drastiquement les émissions de gaz à effet de serre…

C’est paradoxal puisqu’au Québec, aussi bien les enverdeurs du PLQ que du PQ sont contre Uber (imaginez leur réaction quand Uber va concurrencer le taxi avec des voitures sans conducteur)…

Ce qui m’amène à me poser la question: les enverdeurs sont-ils des écologistes ou des corporatistes qui utilisent l’écologie pour protéger des groupes d’intérêt ?

P.-S. Pendant qu’un peu partout aux États-Unis on expérimente les voiture sans conducteur, au Québec on retourne au cheval pour se rappeler du bon vieux temps (celui où on mourrait de la dysenterie à 5 ans)… On vit vraiment dans une province de mongols