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Denmark swings to the right as centre-left coalition accepts defeat
The Guardian

Denmark’s first female prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has conceded defeat and resigned as leader of her party after her coalition government lost the election to the centre-right opposition.

Thorning-Schmidt told party members she will step down as prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic party on Friday after Denmark became the latest European nation to experience a surge in rightwing populism.

The strong showing for rightwing parties in the Nordic nation also delivers David Cameron a potentially vital ally in Europe for his bid to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU. Finland and Norway already have rightwing populists in government.

The defeat for the centre left in Denmark marks a further setback for Social Democrats in Europe, who have had a miserable time in recent years, losing elections in the UK and Germany while facing disastrous poll ratings in France and Sweden.

Amusant de constater que les pays scandinaves, qui sont des modèles pour notre gogauche, basculent tous un par un à droite…