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Singapore rides into the future on crowdsourced bus routes
Financial Times

Singapore has seen the future — and is busily putting it into practice.

From crowdsourced buses, designed to do for public transport what Uber has done for taxis, to virtual doctors conversing with elderly patients while running simple medical tests, the tiny island nation is striding into the digitised era. “Uber is democratising taxis and we want the same for buses, so all transport can be booked,” says Liu Feng Yuan, Singapore’s director of government analytics.

Crowdsourcing of buses will begin this summer, with transport rerouted according to data amassed from commuters’ smart cards. Unlike many similar cards elsewhere, these are tapped on boarding and alighting from buses, providing a fuller picture.

Based on this data, plus passenger feedback, routes will be retraced with fewer stops and — courtesy of expressways — shorter times. Ultimately, the plan is to build into crowdsourcing on demand, where passengers use smartphones to tell buses their locations and, depending on volume, can expect be picked up accordingly.

Pendant qu’à Singapour on est en train d’inventer le futur, à Montréal on veut construire une ville intelligente en faisant la chasse à Uber….

C’est ça le Québec…