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Anti-austerity protesters take to UK streets after Tory election victory
The Guardian

Anti-austerity campaigners launched impromptu protests across Britain, less than 48 hours after David Cameron was returned to power with a parliamentary majority.

Fifteen people were arrested and the Metropolitan police said that four officers and a member of police staff had been injured during the protests.

Activists used Twitter and other social media to arrange the meeting on Saturday afternoon in Whitehall outside Tory party headquarters. Police officers shut Whitehall for several hours while they tried to contain the demonstrators.

A Met spokesman said they were investigating claims that some of the protesters had sprayed anti-Tory graffiti on the the monument to the women of the second world war on Whitehall.

Singer Charlotte Church announced her involvement with a tweet that said: “If you still have fire in your belly over yesterday’s result come and join us in an anti-austerity rally!” In an interview with Wales Online, Church said: “This week the UK masochistically condemned itself to five years of Tory rule.”

Quand la gauche perd une élection ou une bataille politique sur un enjeu précis, il n’est plus rare de voir des extrémistes poser des gestes de violence… Je vous signale qu’on ne voit jamais ce genre de chose à droite. Quand la droite perd, il n’y a pas d’émeutes, on accepte le verdict.

Pourtant, la gauche aime bien dire que la droite est faite de « jeunes hommes en colère »…