Journal of Climate

Recent California Water Year Precipitation Deficits: A 440-year Perspective
Journal of Climate

An analysis of the October 2013–September 2014 precipitation in the western United States and in particular over the California-Nevada region suggests this anomalously dry season, while extreme, is not unprecedented in comparison with the ~120-year long instrumental record of water year (WY, October–September) totals, and in comparison with a 407-year WY precipitation reconstruction back to 1571. Over this longer period nine other years are known or estimated to have been nearly as dry or drier than WY 2014. The three-year deficit for WY’s 2012–2014, which in the California-Nevada region exceeded the annual mean precipitation, is more extreme but also not unprecedented, occurring three other times over the past ~ 440 years in the reconstruction. WY precipitation has also been deficient on average for the past 14 years, and such a run of predominantly dry WY’s is also a rare occurrence in our merged reconstructed plus instrumental period record.

Pour beaucoup de réchauffistes, la sécheresse en Californie est une preuve accablante de l’existence du réchauffement climatique.

Ces réchauffistes seront déçus d’apprendre, tel qu’expliqué dans cette étude publiée la semaine dernière, que ce phénomène s’est déjà produit à de nombreuses reprises dans le passé.

D’ailleurs, les modèles avaient prévu que le réchauffement climatique allait faire augmenter les précipitations sur la partie de la Californie qui est aujourd’hui privée d’eau.