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Justin Bourque faces sentencing hearing for killing Mounties
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Justin Bourque was frustrated with his job and wanted to do harm to the oil industry but chose instead to target police officers because of the badge they wore when he killed three Mounties and wounded two others in Moncton, N.B., a sentencing hearing heard Monday.

Crown lawyer Cameron Gunn began laying out his case that Bourque, 24, should have his parole ineligibility set at 75 years while serving a life sentence for three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Bourque gave a statement to police after his arrest in which he expresses dissatisfaction with his job at a distribution warehouse and also wanted to harm the oil industry. A recording of that statement was played in court in which he refers to setting some gas stations on fire but dumped that plan.

“I decided to wing it from there,” Bourque says.

Gunn said Bourque, dressed in camouflage and carrying the semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun, walked along a road passing neighbours.

“It appeared he was on a mission,” Gunn said.

Dans la foulée des événements qui se sont déroulés en juin, on a pu entendre sur les ondes de RDI un analyste dire que Justin Bourque était probablement un milicien de droite tout en s’empressant d’ajouter qu’il devait aussi faire partie de ceux qui nient l’existence du réchauffement climatique…

Finalement, on apprend que Justin Bourque détestait les pétrolières et la police… C’est de droite détester le pétrole et la police ?