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California’s Cap-and-Trade Revolt
The Wall Street Journal

President Obama has mocked Republicans who oppose his climate agenda as flat-earthers. Perhaps he’ll be more charitable to Democrats who are protesting California’s cap-and-trade program as an undue burden on the poor.

Last week 16 Democratic Assembly Members—about 30% of their caucus—signed a letter urging California Air Resources Board chairwoman Mary Nichols to delay or redesign the state’s cap-and-trade program. « We are concerned about the impact of the AB 32 cap-and-trade program on our constituents, » they write, adding that « many of the areas we represent are still struggling with double digit unemployment. »

Large manufacturers and power plants must now either purchase permits or cut their emissions to comply with a state-mandated cap, which over time will be ratcheted down. Starting next year, transportation fuel suppliers will also have to pony up for permits.

Assembly Democrats fear that applying cap and trade to fuels « will cause an immediate jump in prices at the pump. » While estimates vary, « an increase of about fifteen cents per gallon is likely and a much larger jump is possible. » Senate President Darrell Steinberg has warned that gas prices could shoot up by 40 cents per gallon..

These Democrats are now echoing an argument that the California Chamber of Commerce makes in its lawsuit against the state’s Air Resources Board. To wit, cap-and-trade revenues constitute an illegal tax.

La Californie est le seul État américain qui s’est joint au Québec dans cette stupide aventure de bourse du carbone. Aujourd’hui, même la gauche californienne commence à émettre des doutes sur la validité de ce programme.

Cette semaine, la CAQ a fait valoir que la participation québécoise à la bourse du carbone pourrait faire augmenter le prix du litre d’essence de manière substantielle.

Le climat, une astuce de plus des politiciens pour vider les poches des contribuables…