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Green energy cost hits record high as expensive turbines built at sea
The Daily Telegraph

The cost of generating green electricity has hit a record high as subsidies are handed to expensive offshore wind farms and household solar panels, new figures show. The annual bill for consumers to subsidise renewable technologies has soared to more than £2.5bn (4,6 milliards Cdn) as more turbines are built and households install panels on their roofs.

But new figures show that the average cost for each unit of green electricity has also increased, hitting a record high of £66.97 (122$ Cdn) per MWh in 2012-13, the most recent period for which figures are available. The figure was a rise from £54.26 the year before, despite pledges from ministers to bear down on the costs of green energy.

Dr John Constable, director of Renewable Energy Foundation, a UK charity that has long been critical of the costs of the renewables targets, said: “DECC is subsidising renewables to meet arbitrary and over-ambitious EU targets, so it was inevitable that we would move rapidly up the cost curve once the ‘cheaper’ opportunities had either been fully developed like landfill gas or exceeded the limits of public acceptability like onshore wind.”

He added: “Subsidy costs are now spiralling out of control – the annual burn is about £3bn a year and rising fast. There still is a good case for experimenting with renewables, but building so much capacity when the whole sector is still fundamentally uneconomic is bound to end in tears.”

On voit la même chose au Québec. Les surplus d’électricité, conséquence, entre autres, de la multiplication des parcs éoliens, signifient que les prix de l’électricité au Québec vont augmenter de 10% sur 3 ans.

Un jour, la population devra réaliser que constamment dire « oui » aux lobbys écolos a un prix…