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Failed rocket attack targeted Mercedes Benz offices in Greece
The Guardian

Greek authorities are on alert after anti-terror units discovered evidence of a bungled rocket attack against the headquarters of Mercedes Benz, hours after a guerilla organisation claimed responsibility for a previous assault against the German ambassador’s residence in Athens. Fuelling further fears of a resurgence of violence in a country torn by political unrest, extremists calling themselves « group of popular fighters » declared they were at war with « the German capitalist machine ».

The group said it had attacked the Athens branch of Mercedes-Benz, firing a rocket into its central offices on the northern fringes of the capital on 12 January. Following up on the claims, last night, experts discovered ground markings that suggested a rocket had indeed been fired in the vicinity of the outlet but, missing its target, had landed in a field. One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described it as a « blind attack » capable of causing great bloodshed had it hit homes in a residential area nearby.

In a 12,000-word proclamation, sent to Pontiki, a satirical magazine, the organisation claimed the previous attack on the ambassador’s home had been spurred by the corrosive effects of austerity.

Je lis ça et je pense aux 48% de Québécois qui jugent que « les entreprises nuisent beaucoup plus à la société qu’elles ne l’enrichissent. »

Essayez de faire comprendre à ces gens qu’une société qui a la chance de compter sur Mercedes Benz pour créer des emplois est forcément plus prospère…