History, good jobs hurt union organizing drive at Volkswagen plant in South

The United Auto Workers has been dealt a stinging defeat, with a majority of employees at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee voting against joining the union.

The failure of the UAW underscores a cultural disconnect between a labor-friendly German company and anti-union sentiment in the South. The multiyear effort to organize Volkswagen’s only American plant was defeated on a 712-626 vote on Friday night amid heavy campaigning on both sides.

“Come on, this is Chattanooga, Tennessee,” said worker Mike Jarvis, who was among the group in the plant that organized to fight the UAW. “It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us.”

Jarvis, who hangs doors, trunk lids and hoods on cars, said workers were worried about the union’s historical impact on Detroit automakers and the many plants that have closed in the North, he said.

“Look at every company that’s went bankrupt or shut down or had an issue,” he said. “What is the one common denominator with all those companies? UAW. We don’t need it.”

Cet échec syndical s’ajoute à celui d’Amazon où les employés ont aussi rejeté le syndicat la semaine dernière.

Pendant ce temps au Québec, on syndicalise les dépanneurs… Ce n’est pas un hasard si le niveau de vie des Américains dépasse maintenant de 40% celui des Québécois.