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Clean Currents turns off its lights after January’s polar vortex spiked energy prices
The Washington Post

Renewable-energy provider Clean Currents, based in Silver Spring, is closing its doors after January’s polar vortex sent temperatures plummeting across the Washington region and, subsequently, the price of alternative energy soaring. The vast majority of Clean Currents’ contracts lock customers into an energy rate, regardless of whether prices fluctuate on the wholesale market. Thus, Clean Currents absorbs the hit when prices rise dramatically.

The prolonged cold snap brought an abrupt end to one of the area’s promising eco-friendly companies, a source of alternative energy to thousands of homes and businesses since the company was formed in 2005.

“We are writing to inform you, with deep regret, that the recent extreme weather, which sent the wholesale electricity market into unchartered territories, has fatally compromised our ability to continue to serve customers,” Clean Currents wrote in a message to customers.

Environment & Energy Publishing, an industry trade publication, reported in January that the cost of producing electricity “soared above $1,000 per megawatt-hour for the first time as arctic temperatures squeezed the East Coast.” Since its creation in 2005, Clean Currents has allowed about 15,000 homes and 3,000 businesses in the District, Maryland and Pennsylvania to effectively buy wind power, according to its Web site.

Une compagnie d’électricité qui s’est spécialisée dans les énergies vertes, pour combattre le réchauffement climatique, qui doit faire faillite à cause d’une vague de froid. Avouez que c’est drôle !

P.-S. Ce n’est pas sans rappeler les éoliennes québécoises qui ont failli à la tâche durant la dernière vague de froid.