Financial Times

Scotland’s poorer more likely to favour independence
Financial Times

Poorer voters in Scotland are much more likely to support independence than their wealthier peers, according to the first survey of voting intentions broken down by household income.

The analysis, by ScotCen Social Research for the Financial Times, found 40 per cent of people with household incomes below £14,300, and who are likely to vote in the September referendum, plan to vote “yes”, as do 36 per cent of those with household incomes of between £14,300 and £26,000.

However, the next income bracket – £26,000 to £44,200 – is least likely to deliver a “yes” vote: just 22 per cent believe the country should go it alone. And among households with income above £44,200, only 27 per cent say they will vote for independence.

The Scottish National party’s referendum campaign focuses heavily on the claim that a separate Scotland would be wealthier and less unequal, but some politicians in Scotland’s ruling party say it should embrace a more radically redistributive message to encourage poorer people to vote.

J’ai l’impression que c’est la même chose au Québec…