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Venezuela, worried by murder rate, takes aim at TV soap operas
The Washington Times

President Nicolas Maduro will urge representatives of Venezuela’s television stations on Monday to change what he calls a culture of violence glamorized by the media.

Maduro, who narrowly won a presidential election last April to succeed his late mentor Hugo Chavez, has accused TV stations – especially popular soap operas, or « telenovelas » – of glamorizing guns, drugs and gangsters. « They transmit negative values of death, drugs, arms, violence and treachery and everything bad that a human can be, » he said.

« We are going to build a culture of peace, » he said last week, summoning representatives of local terrestrial and cable channels to the Miraflores presidential palace on Monday.

A new national police force has been inaugurated, and the socialist authorities have also taken aim at products they say contribute to a culture of violence. Five years ago, Chavez banned the manufacture, importation and distribution of violent video games and toys.

Critics say the latest version of the government’s anti-crime plans do not tackle root causes, such as widespread impunity for criminals, largely due to a creaking and corrupt judicial system, and complicity by some poorly paid police.

Bref, le plan du gouvernement vénézuélien c’est un peu comme la charte des valeurs PQ. C’est du gros n’importe quoi qui a pour but de faire oublier la dangereuse incompétence du gouvernement.