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Colorado recall elections show risks of supporting gun restrictions in battleground states
The Washington Post

Democratic voters in Colorado helped remove two state senators of their own party who voted for tighter gun control — an ouster that was both intensely local and a national test of what can happen to lawmakers who support gun restrictions in battleground states.

After last year’s mass shootings, Colorado was the only state beyond Democratic strongholds New York, California and Connecticut to pass gun-control legislation. Gun-control measures died in Congress, as well as Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and Delaware.

Outspent by about 5-to-1, recall supporters cited a big anti-recall donation from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make one of their main points — that Democrats controlling the state Legislature were more interested in listening to the White House and outside interests than their own constituents.

Morse, a former police chief in a Colorado Springs suburb, will be replaced by Republican Bernie Herpin, a former member of the Colorado Springs City Council. George Rivera, a former deputy police chief, will take over Giron’s seat.

Tous les médias qui ont dit que les républicains devaient modérer leurs positions sur les armes à feu pour avoir des chances d’être élus ont montré qu’ils ne connaissaient absolument rien à la politique américaine (Hétu n’a pas parlé de cette nouvelle, on se demande bien pourquoi). La défense du deuxième amendement est l’une des rares choses qui unit les républicains et les démocrates.