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Nenshi to Quebeckers: Come to Calgary, we don’t care how you worship
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Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi used his city’s Pride parade Sunday to criticize the Quebec government’s controversial plan for a secular charter – and invited Quebeckers dissatisfied with their government to move west.

Speaking to a crowd of thousands at the downtown end point for Calgary’s 23rd annual Pride parade, Mr. Nenshi referenced “a certain part of this country” and a national debate about “how people should be restricted from certain jobs because of their religious faith.” Mr. Nenshi continued with a message touching on both religious and Pride-event themes. “We need, together, to show Canada and to show the world that here in Calgary it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter what you worship, it doesn’t matter who you love.”

After his speech, Mr. Nenshi told reporters he was referencing Quebec’s proposed Charter of Quebec Values, which would ban turbans, kippas, hijabs and visible crosses from the bodies of all public employees. He called the policy “short-sighted.” The charter is “an absolute violation not just of Canadian morals and ethics, but of what has made our country successful. If we are not able to attract the very best people from around the world to want to work and learn and invest and raise families in this country, we don’t have a future as a country,” he said.

Pour ceux qui l’ignorent, Naheed Nenshi est musulman. Pendant ce temps au Québec, une mosquée a été vandalisée… La charte du PQ, une charte de la honte…