Nature Climate Change

Oceanography: Has global warming stalled?

Following a period of rapid warming from the 1970s, global temperatures seem to have stalled. New analysis of the uptake of heat by the upper ocean sheds light on the cause and suggests that the slowdown could have been predicted.

This offers a plausible explanation for the onset of the warming slowdown, although further work is needed to understand relationships between upper ocean and surface temperatures, and the processes by which heat was buried below the surface. However, the lack of warming beyond 2004 is still not understood. According to observations, energy continues to be accumulated through the top of the atmosphere, but has not been taken up by the upper ocean. This leaves the deep ocean as the most likely destination, but this cannot be confirmed because the observational network is too sparse. There is therefore an urgent need for observations of the deep ocean, as well as continued monitoring of energy fluxes at the top of the atmosphere.

Les réchauffistes aiment prétendre que la pause de 15 ans du réchauffement climatique est parfaitement normale, prévisible et explicable, la chaleur aurait été avalée par les océans… Or il n’en est rien, les scientifiques eux-mêmes admettent ne pas vraiment comprendre ce qui se passe.

Je connais un certain blogueur qui devrait présenter des excuses à Jacques Brassard.