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Shale gas investments ‘could be worth £4bn a year to UK economy’
The Guardian

Investments in shale gas drilling could yield an industry worth nearly £4bn a year to the UK economy and create more than 70,000 jobs, according to a new report from the Institute of Directors (IoD), becoming a « new North Sea » energy business in the process.

That is higher than previous estimates, and includes a wide variety of jobs from those directly employed in the industry, such as geologists and drilling experts, but also cement manufacturers and people working in local retail and service companies near the drill sites, which is a more controversial measure of employment. The report was published as politicians and businesses met in Brussels to discuss the EU’s future energy policy.

Corin Taylor, senior economic advisor at the IoD and lead author of the report, said: « Shale gas could be a new North Sea for Britain, creating tens of thousands of jobs, supporting our manufacturers and reducing gas imports. Further exploration will be needed to assess the size of technically and commercially recoverable resources. At the same time, partnerships need to be established between industry, government and communities to ensure that development of this vital national resource benefits local people. »

Mais au Québec, à cause d’une bande d’idéologues à la solde des enverdeurs, le gaz de schiste n’attirera aucun investisseur et ne créera aucun emploi…