En 2006, on croyait que le réchauffement climatique allait augmenter la taille du trou dans la couche d’ozone:

Global Warming

Temperatures in the lower stratosphere are decreasing as a result of increased carbon and other heat-trapping emissions. The reason for this apparent paradox can be explained using the blanket analogy. […] Cooling of the lower polar stratosphere enhances polar stratospheric cloud formation, and thus contributes to ozone loss.

En 2012, on croit que le réchauffement climatique va diminuer la taille du trou dans la couche d’ozone:

Global warming is shrinking the ozone hole. Due to warm temperatures, the opening was the second smallest it has been for 20 years. […] Air temperature can affect the rate at which CFCs break apart ozone molecules. Researchers with the NOAA said the gouge was smaller this year because of warmer air temperatures high above the South Pole.

Global Warming

Conclusion: peu importe ce qui arrive, c’est toujours la faute du réchauffement climatique…