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Anarchist group vows to wage ‘low level warfare’ on Olympics
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The Informal Anarchist Federation has already claimed to be responsible for damaging railway signal systems which led to travel being disrupted around Bristol earlier this week. The group, known as FAI, have now threatened to continue their “guerrilla attack” on the country, “disturbing the social peace” in a protest against the establishment.

Posting on anarchist website 325.nostate, the group said: “In the United Kingdom of clockwork control and domestication, we’re some of the ‘unpatriotic ones’ who find the 2012 Olympics, with the ensuing spectacle of wealth (when so many here struggle to feed themselves and their families), harmful developments and escalating police state, frankly offensive.

“But no union or movement calls our shots, and we have no inhibition to use guerrilla activity to hurt the national image and paralyze the economy however we can. “Because simply, we don’t want rich tourists – we want civil war.”

The same anarchist group has previously claimed responsibility for a drive-by gun attack in Italy in which the chief executive of a nuclear power firm was shot in the kneecaps.

Au Québec un groupe anarchiste a déjà menacé le Grand-Prix sur dans une vidéo mis en ligne sur You Tube (retiré depuis, shocking and disgusting content).

Voici à quoi ressemble le tract diffusé par le groupe 325.nostate qui menace le bon déroulement des jeux de Londres:

Londres Anarchistes
Scènes d’émeutes à Londre en 2011.