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Saskatchewan Party tables balanced budget
The Vancouver Sun

The Saskatchewan Party government tabled a balanced budget Wednesday that includes some program cuts to make way for new spending promised in the 2011 fall election.

The film employment tax credit, a program designed to encourage film and television production in Saskatchewan, is being eliminated, along with $4 million in annual funding to more than a dozen regional economic development bodies across the province. The provincial drug plan cap that limits per-prescription costs for seniors and children to a maximum of $15 is being bumped to $20.

« Around the world, we are seeing the chaos caused by governments that did not live within their means. Here in Canada other provinces like Ontario face severe choices in the years ahead. Saskatchewan’s economy and our finances are in much better shape, » Finance Minister Ken Krawetz said.

« This budget is keeping the Saskatchewan advantage by keeping the promises we made in the election campaign, keeping our economy strong and growing and keeping our spending sustainable and our budget balanced. »

The province anticipates an overall surplus of $15 million, based on summary financial statements that take into account all government operations including the Crown corporations.

Aucun journaleux, absolument aucun n’a jugé qu’il fût pertinent de parler du budget de la Saskatchewan. Pourtant, c’est un budget absolument remarquable. Pour remplir ses promesses électorales tout en équilibrant le budget, les politiciens ont décidé de faire… des coupures ! Par exemple, fini les subventions pour les films !

C’est l’antithèse du budget de monsieur Bonheur. Le Québec a beaucoup à apprendre de la Saskatchewan. Nos journaleux auraient dû se faire un devoir de comparer notre budget à celui des Saskatchewanais.