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Quebec workplaces are the least diverse in Canada
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Is your workplace a miniature United Nations, with colleagues who trace their origins to many different parts of the globe? Or does everyone you work with come from a similar background? The answer probably tells a lot about how open you are to people from different cultures, according to a new study by the Association for Canadian Studies.

Seventy-three per cent of Canadians describe their workplace or school as diverse, compared to 70 per cent of Americans, 68 per cent of Britons and 67 per cent of French respondents.

Sixty per cent of Quebecers work in a multicultural environment, the lowest proportion of any province.

Fifty-seven per cent of francophones in Canada describe their workplace as diverse, compared to 74 per cent of anglophones and 83 per cent of people who speak a language other than English or French.

Eight out of 10 francophones in Canada say most of their friends come from the same cultural background, compared to 66 per cent of English-Canadians and 55 per cent of people who speak a non-official language.

Les Québécois aiment bien traiter tous ceux qui ne pensent pas comme eux de rednecks, que l’on pense aux Américains ou aux Albertains. Mais si l’on se fie aux résultats de cette étude, les Québécois auraient intérêt à se regarder dans un miroir avant d’utiliser ce qualificatif.