22 mai 2011

Les médias: ce qu’on voit et ce qu’on ne voit pas Canada Environnement Gauchistan Québec

La partialité des médias on peut l’observer dans ce que les journalistes disent mais aussi dans ce qu’ils ne disent pas…

Je vous invite à lire l’article d’Éric Duhaime: Les enverdeurs

22 mai 2011

Le courage canadien Canada États-Unis Israël Palestine Revue de presse

The Globe And Mail

Ottawa won’t back Obama’s Mideast peace proposal
The Globe And Mail

The Harper government is refusing to join the United States in calling for a return to 1967 borders as a starting point for Mideast peace, a position that has drawn sharp criticism from Canada’s staunch ally Israel.

At a briefing ahead of the upcoming G8 summit in France, federal officials said the basis for the negotiations must be mutually agreed upon.

Israel quickly rejected U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposal for the talks to be guided by the 1967 borders, with mutually agreed land swaps. “What the government of Canada supports is basically a two-state solution that is negotiated,” a senior federal official said. “If it’s border, if it’s others issues, it has to be negotiated, it cannot be unilateral action.”

The Prime Minister’s director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, added that Canada’s position continues to be the search for a two-state solution.

“No solution, ultimately, is possible without both parties sitting down, negotiating and agreeing on what that final outcome will look like,” he said.

Les gauchistes doivent être contents, le Canada a décidé d’adopter une politique différente des Américains…