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Iranian agenda Syria’s burden
Arab Times

Ever since Damascus formed a strategic alliance with Tehran, it has ceased to be the pulsating heart of Arabism, as it was known in the mid-20th century. It has become a mere implementation tool for Iran. At every stage, it has always been with the other side.

In Yemen, Damascus has ignored the massacre committed by the Houthis. In Gaza, it has allowed the Mullah regime to tear apart the Palestinians, leading to an unprecedented bloodbath. There was no protest whatsoever from Syria when Iran committed atrocious acts in Saudi Arabia. The oldest Arab capital did not express support for Bahrain during the implementation of the inordinate plan of the enemy. In Kuwait, the Iranian spy network was uncovered, but Damascus did not utter a word of support.

Syria has transformed willfully into a front house garden for Iran in the region under the guise of resistance, confrontation and opposition to Israel. For 40 years, we have never heard a gun shot towards Golan and it has not been liberated by the Syria-Iran alliance. Syria has not allowed the Arab nations to solve the Palestinian crisis. It rather confronted the Palestinians to prevent the execution of peaceful resolutions. It has been calling for indirect talks with Israel not to liberate Golan, but to buy time for the Iranian nuclear project.

H/T: Le Blog de David Ouellette