13 février 2011

Le sacrifice et les sacrifiés En Citations Philosophie

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand sur la véritable nature du socialisme:

« It stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there’s someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master. »

13 février 2011

Bon dernier Économie Gauchistan Québec


Selon la plus récente étude de l’Institut Fraser, l’indice de liberté économique du Québec est de 4,2 ce qui est bon pour une 60e et dernière position dans un classement qui regroupe les 10 provinces canadiennes et les 50 États américains.

Si l’indice de liberté économique du Québec rejoignait la moyenne du reste du Canada (5,7), le PIB du Québec pourrait s’accroître de 42,7 milliards de dollars, soit une augmentation de 14,4%. Une telle augmentation représente une somme de 5 559$/habitant soit 22 236$ pour une famille de 4 personnes.

Fraser Institute
Economic Freedom of North America

13 février 2011

The Job-Killing Health Care Law Act Économie États-Unis Gauchistan Revue de presse

The Washington Times

Obamacare’s casualties: 800,000 jobs: Unemployment will rise if health care takeover isn’t stopped
The Washington Times

Repeal of Obamacare ought to be a priority not only on constitutional grounds, but also as a move essential to pulling our economy out of its malaise. The head of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) let slip the reason why in testimony Thursday before the House Budget Committee. Over the course of a decade, the tax hikes and increased costs of government’s health care takeover would take a big toll on the job market. “If the reduction in the labor used was workers working the average number of hours in the economy and earning the average wage, there would be a reduction of 800,000 workers,” CBO Director Douglas W. Elmendorf predicted.

That estimate only holds true if the most favorable scenarios play out. The actual reduction in employment could be far worse if the economy continues to struggle as it has done so far under President Obama‘s statist policies. Nobody knows better than Mr. Obama‘s second-in-command that things don’t always work out as well as expected.

It’s no accident. This administration has turned America into a disproving ground for the failed economic theories of John Maynard Keynes, who taught that government investment was the key to growth. According to our Keynesian president, the endless supply of government money was supposed to serve as the fuel for productivity during the slump.