6 février 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President En Vidéos États-Unis Philosophie

Aujourd’hui, Ronald Reagan aurait célébré son 100e anniversaire de naissance.

Quelques vidéos pour rendre hommage à l’homme qui a changé l’Amérique et le monde…

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6 février 2011

L’État et la charité Économie En Citations Philosophie

P. J. O'Rourke

P. J. O’Rourke à propos de la charité et du rôle du gouvernement:

« Charity is one of the great responsibilities of freedom. But, in order for us to be responsible – and therefore free – that responsibility must be personal.

There is no virtue in compulsory government charity, and there is no virtue in advocating it. A politician who portrays himself as ‘caring’ and ‘sensitive’ because he wants to expand the government’s charitable programs is merely saying that he’s willing to try to do good with other people’s money. Well, who isn’t? And a voter who takes pride in supporting such programs is telling us that he’ll do good with his own money – if a gun is held to his head. »

6 février 2011

Les États-Désunis États-Unis Revue de presse

The Hill

Poll: Obama among most polarizing presidents in decades
The Hill

President Obama is one of the most polarizing presidents in decades, and his second year in office measured the largest gap in party ratings of any president since Republican Dwight Eisenhower was in office.

According to new numbers from Gallup, Obama’s approval ratings in 2010 were more polarized than they were during his first year in office, measuring a 68-point gap between the percentage of Democrats approving of the president and the percentage of Republicans approving.

An average of 81 percent of Democrats approved of the job Obama was doing this past year; just 13 percent of Republicans approved. That 68-point divide is up from a 65-point gap during Obama’s first year on the job.

The next largest gap for a president in his second year in office came in 1982, when President Reagan earned an average approval rating of 79 percent among Republicans and 23 percent among Democrats, a gap of 56 points.

P.-S. Le soir de son élection, Barack Obama avait déclaré: « we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America. »