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Europe’s press (and Canada’s) turns against global warming
National Post

A major German media outlet joins others in Europe in jumping on the growing bandwagon for global warming scepticism, and in style, with a cover emblazoned with “Great Climate!” for the benefits that global warming has brought us. “Rethink: Global warming is good for us,” says Focus, one of the country’s largest newsmagazines, in a break with a German taboo.

Inside, readers are treated to a lead article with the surprising title, Warm periods mean good times, that explains warmth helps crop and forests to grow and deserts to shrink. Other articles debunk false claims about global warming, and describe distinguished scientists who don’t buy the conventional wisdom on climate change.

In another departure, Volkskrant, one of the largest dailies in the Netherlands, reversed its position of blacklisting sceptics by prominently interviewing one last week. The British and French media in the last year has been healthily sceptical.

On this side of the Atlantic, Canada’s two national dailies, the Globe and Mail and National Post, tilted a tad further to climate realism. The Globe’s contribution came from columnist Margaret Wente, who derided those who “actually seemed to believe that experts and politicians have supernatural powers to predict the future and control the climate.” The National Post’s contribution appeared as a front page story entitled Cooling climate change that explained, as did the Globe column, why the climate change issue is all but dead.