24 octobre 2010

Économie autrichienne 101 Économie En Vidéos Récession

Voici un vidéo qui se veut une introduction aux principes de l’école autrichienne d’économie i.e. l’école libertarienne. On y décrit comment naissent les bulles qui, en éclatant, déclenchent des récessions. Un antidote pour combattre l’illettrisme économique de nos médias !

La récession actuelle confirme, une fois de plus, la justesse des théories de l’école autrichienne.

24 octobre 2010

Hope and Change Économie En Images États-Unis Récession

Pour justifier son incapacité à améliorer la situation de l’économie aux États-Unis, Barack Obama aime bien répéter qu’il ne peut être tenu responsable puisqu’il a hérité d’une récession.

Ronald Reagan a lui aussi hérité d’une récession, mais contrairement à Obama, il a pu remettre l’économie sur ses rails:

Reagan Vs Obama

Aie-je besoin de préciser que Reagan, contrairement à Obama, n’était pas un membre de la grande église keynésienne ?

24 octobre 2010

La véritable indépendance Canada Économie Québec Revue de presse

Toronto Star

Bernier puts Quebec nationalism in the hot seat
Toronto Star

Maxime Bernier extended his provocative call to rearrange the Canadian federation by telling Quebecers in no uncertain terms that if they’ve not achieved the level of autonomy that most of them desire, they have only themselves to blame.

His audience didn’t wince at the critique. In fact, they applauded heartily. They were, after all, 450 likeminded individuals who came out on Saturday to the first-ever gathering of a new grassroots right-wing movement in the province, which has been compared to the “Tea Party” in the United States.

More autonomy, Bernier believes, comes from respecting the traditional notion of the Constitution and ending federal involvement in provincial areas of concern. But he said Quebec governments over the past 50 years have undermined this by constantly demanding more from Ottawa, including, he said “particular privileges.”

“Essentially, we are saying to the rest of the country, it’s only us who are special and we should have more powers and influence than all of you,” he said. Bernier and others railed against the way in which Quebec nationalism has been co-opted by the left and, as Bernier calls it, its “statist vision.”

“The constitutional demands of Quebec always come with demands for more money, more transfers, more equalization, again to feed our huge state,” Bernier reasoned. “Quebecers say they want to be more autonomous and even independent, while all that we’ve succeeded in doing up to now is to become more and more financially dependent on the rest of Canada.”