19 février 2010

Socialisme Canada Économie En Vidéos États-Unis

Les États-Unis sont maintenant plus socialistes que le Canada:

Le classement:

  1. Hong Kong: 89,7 (-0,3)
  2. Singapour: 86,1 (-1,0)
  3. Australie: 86,2 (0,0)
  4. Nouvelle-Zélande: 82,1 (+0,1)
  5. Irlande: 81,3 (-0,9)
  6. Suisse: 81,1 (+1,7)
  7. Canada: 80,4 (-0,1)
  8. États-Unis: 78,0 (-2,7)
  9. Danemark: 77,9 (-1,7)
  10. Chili: 77,2 (-1,1)

Heritage Foundation
Index of Economic Freedom: Link Between Economic Opportunity and Prosperity

19 février 2010

La folie En Citations États-Unis Hétu Watch

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck à propos du type qui a crashé son avion dans un édifice de l’IRS:

The pilot wrote a manifesto and when the authorities found it on the Web they took it down so they could look at it first.

He was quite appalled that government could bail out two entire industries — spending billions in days — while health care was unresolved. He wrote that the tax code is so complicated that it holds the people accountable to a tax code that only an industry of lawyers and accountants can understand.

It was several pages of lunacy. He ended it with this: « The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed. »

When you hear his anti-business and anti-capitalist ravings he sounds like parts of a Van Jones speech. When you listen to his anti-tax ravings he sounds like he is reading bumper stickers off the signs of a Tea Party.

At this hour, I have no idea if this guy is left or right, but here’s the point: It doesn’t matter. The guy is a killer.

19 février 2010

Les préjugés États-Unis Hétu Watch Revue de presse

The New York Times

What Keeps Glenn Beck Up at Night?
The New York Times

A few weeks back, I was a guest on Glenn Beck’s radio show. Something interesting happened before we went on the air. He noticed the book I was carrying — Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines, by the Berkeley physicist Richard A. Muller — and asked me about it. I endorsed it rather enthusiastically. He said it sounded like a book he’d like to read, so I went ahead and gave him my copy (and, yes, Dr. Muller, I ordered another one for myself).

A few days later, one of Beck’s producers e-mailed me to say that Beck too liked the book, and did I have any more recommendations? So I sent him a list. Then Beck read those books too.

This was the only time I’d ever done an interview and even had someone ask about the book I happened to have with me at the time, much less want to read it, and then read some others. I was pretty impressed. Beck has an awful lot of fans, but he has a lot of detractors too — and my sense is that those detractors have miscast him as a know-nothing villain.