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Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez detained, beaten on way to march
The Miami Herald

Famed Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez said Friday she and another blogger were punched and thrown violently into a car by presumed state security agents as they walked to participate in a peaceful march in downtown Havana.

« No blood, but black and blues, punches, pulled hairs, blows to the head, kidneys, knee and chest, » Sánchez told El Nuevo Herald shortly after she and Orlando Luis Pardo were freed. « In sum, professional violence. »

Sánchez, the best-known Cuban blogger on the island and off, said she and bloggers Pardo and Claudia Cadelo and a woman friend were walking to join a « march against violence » organized by several young musicians when they were intercepted by three men in civilian clothes. Cuba’s state security service agents frequently operate out of uniform.

The march, which Penultimos Días said drew some 200 participants, was the second demonstration in Havana in the past three weeks to bring together young Cubans generally critical of the island’s communist system.