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Jim Prentice gets it right
National Post

The Earth is warming, and human activity is likely to blame. Climates are changing across the world, including in Canada’s far north. In other parts of the world, some crops will fail, some species will be pressed to extinction and some low-lying territories will be flooded.

But this parade of horribles cannot be used to justify any form or remedial action. Many of the proposals put forth by environmentalists would do little to stop global warming, and would simply act as transfer-payment schemes from rich countries to poor ones. As Terence Corcoran has written at great length and with great frequency in the Financial Post, many activists are exploiting concern over climate change to justify the creation of state-managed “green economies” — socialism with a Gaian face.

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is to be commended for opposing this agenda. Mr. Prentice will head Canada’s delegation to the Copenhagen conference on climate change next month and says categorically that Canada will not sign any agreements that force painful adjustments on Western countries while major polluters such as China, India and Brazil go free.

In doing so, Canada is calling the bluff of Big Green and its army of unquestioning acolytes, who conveniently overlook the fact that developing countries are responsible for almost all of the world’s growth in carbon dioxide emissions.