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Phillies, Rockies bundle up and brace for a cold night of baseball
Chicago Tribune

The Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies bundled up Sunday night for Game 3 of the NL playoffs, wearing stocking caps, gloves and thick, hooded sweat shirts while taking batting practice in the biting cold.

The forecast called for a temperature of 33 degrees at first pitch, which would break the record for the coldest postseason game.

That distinction, for now, belongs to Cleveland and Florida, who played Game 4 of the 1997 World Series in 35-degree weather.

The snowstorm that blew through the Mile High City on Saturday brought bone-chilling temperatures and led to the Phillies and Rockies getting postponed. The series is tied at one game each.

By game’s end, the temperature could plummet into the mid 20s.