MPs’ expenses whistleblower John Wick on why he set the scandal running
The Daily Telegraph

John Wick, the former SAS officer who blew the whistle on the MPs’ expenses scandal, speaks out for the first time to reveal why he decided to expose the system to its “rotten core”.

Mr Wick, who is now the head of a corporate intelligence company which specialises in negotiating the release of hostages in foreign war zones, said: “We’ve all had concerns about the expenses and how they’ve managed it, purely because of how they’ve handled our requests for information.

“We’ve reached a stage in society where they want to know everything about us – I think we’re entitled to know about them.” As a result of his actions, he said, the expenses system had been “exposed to its rotten core”.

The disclosure that a respected former Army officer, who trained at Sandhurst and served in the Parachute Regiment, is behind the release of details of MPs’ expenses is likely to surprise many in Westminster.

Mr Wick said he had “no regrets” over releasing the information and said he hoped it would lead to an improved Parliament. “Parliament will be a better place, society will be a better place,” he said. “Sometimes a marker has to be put down. The public’s put a marker down. It’s good.”