Joe Nocera

On dit que Bernard Madoff avait nécessairement des complices pour être capable de mettre sur pied une fraude aussi colossale. Maddof avait effectivement des complices: ses victimes et la Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), un organisme de réglementation. Joe Nocera du New York Times explique:

« When you look at the list of Madoff victims, it contains a lot of high-profile names — but almost no serious institutional investors or endowments. They insist on knowing the kind of information Mr. Madoff refused to supply. […]

It is a real lesson that people cannot abdicate personal responsibility when it comes to their personal finances. And that’s the point. People did abdicate responsibility — and now, rather than face that fact, many of them are blaming the S.E.C. for not, in effect, saving them from themselves. […]

Investors blaming the S.E.C. for their decision to give every last penny to Bernie Madoff is like a child blaming his mother for letting him start a fight while she wasn’t looking. »