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"You should be ashamed of yourselves."
— Joe Wurzelbacher to foreign journalists covering the Gaza conflict

Poids média de l'actualité américaine (5-11 janvier) selon le Pew Research Center:

Actualités États-Unis

Actualités États-Unis

Storyline Shifts from War to Washington

Even as the fighting in Gaza continued to generate major coverage last week, the media focus shifted back to Washington and the daunting tasks confronting incoming president Barack Obama.

Thanks to his increasingly aggressive campaign for a stimulus package and some controversial appointments, Obama’s transition was the top story from Jan. 5-11, according to the News Coverage Index from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. At 26% of the newshole, the subject more than tripled its coverage from the previous week.

While Obama’s advocacy for an economic package stood in contrast to his relative silence on the Mideast, the Gaza conflict was the second-biggest story last week (17%), dropping modestly from the previous week when it was No. 1. The war narrative seemed to evolve last week, with an increasing focus on the humanitarian situation inside Gaza.

The third-biggest story, at 12%, was the scandal that keeps on making news. As Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was being impeached last week, the man he picked to replace Obama went to the Capitol and appeared to make some headway in his battle to be seated as Senator. That saga was followed closely by the No. 4 story, the continuing economic crisis, at 10% of the newshole.

Last week also marked the continuation of a trend in evidence since the voters cast their ballots on Nov. 4. In every week since the election, the news agenda has been more diverse and diffuse, with three, and sometimes four stories each accounting for at least 10% of the newshole. By way of comparison, there were no more than two stories in double digits in any week between Aug. 18 and Election Day—a period when intense campaign coverage was dominating the news agenda.

Storyline Shifts from War to Washington