29 juin 2008

Lettre à un idiot utile Élection 2008 États-Unis Hétu Watch Iran


Lettre de Manda Zand-Ervin & Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, militantes pour les droits humains en Iran, à Barack Obama:

« Since you began talking about unconditionally dialoguing with the Islamic regime of Iran, you too have struck absolute fear in the hearts of the Iranian people, both inside and outside Iran. […] Your policy of direct and unconditional negotiation will give the Mullahs of Iran the legitimacy that they need for more oppression. The real losers will be the already weary people of Iran, whose dreams of freedom and democracy will be dashed for a long time to come. If you empower that regime, the mullahs will continue to harm a country that is already totally economically devastated, as well as socially and politically oppressed. »

29 juin 2008

Choc pétrolier ? Économie Québec

Big Oil

De mail 2007 à mai 2008, le prix du pétrole a augmenté de 97,6%. Durant la même période, au Québec, le prix de l'essence a augmenté de… 18,3%.

Voilà qui met les choses en perspective.