20 janvier 2008

Syndicalisme moyenâgeux Économie En Vidéos Gauchistan Québec

Je suis sûr que les tous premiers syndicats devraient ressembler à ceci…

Syndicalisme moyenâgeux
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Remarquez que depuis, les choses ont pas vraiment changées.

20 janvier 2008

Une minorité opprimée… Économie En Citations États-Unis Philosophie

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

Tiré du livre « Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal« , voici ce qu’Ayn Rand écrit au sujet du traitement injuste que l’on réserve à une minorité d’américains…

If a small group of men were always regarded as guilty, in any clash with any other group, regardless of the issues or circumstances involved, would you call it persecution? If this group were always made to pay for the sins, errors, or failures of any other group, would you call that persecution? If this group had to live under a silent reign of terror, under special laws, from which all other people were immune, laws which the accused could not grasp or define in advance and which the accuser could interpret in any way he pleased—would you call that persecution? If this group were penalized, not for its faults, but for its virtues, not for its incompetence, but for its ability, not for its failures, but for its achievements, and the greater the achievement, the greater the penalty—would you call that persecution?

If your answer is « yes »—then ask yourself what sort of monstrous injustice you are condoning, supporting, or perpetrating. That group is the American businessmen …