Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

Il a suffi qu’on annonce que les PDG canadiens gagnent 218 fois le salaire moyen d’un travailleur pour que la la gogauche grimpe dans les rideaux… Tiré du livre « Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal« , voici ce qu’Ayn Rand écrit au sujet du traitement injuste que l’on réserve aux businessmen:

« The legal treatment accorded to actual criminals is much superior to that accorded to businessmen. The criminal’s rights are protected by objective laws, objective procedures, objective rules of evidence. A criminal is presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty. Only businessmen—the producers, the providers, the supporters, the Atlases who carry our whole economy on their shoulders—are regarded as guilty by nature and are required to prove their innocence, without any definable criteria of innocence or proof, and are left at the mercy of the whim, the favor, or the malice of any publicity-seeking politician, any scheming statist, any envious mediocrity who might chance to work his way into a bureaucratic job. »