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The V-Word Heats Up the Iraq Debate

The President’s Vietnam comparison was only one factor that helped propel coverage of the debate over Iraq policy last week after a summer in which the subject had been noticeably more muted.

The Aug. 23 release of a National Intelligence Estimate—an important precursor of the Iraq progress report to be delivered by General David Petraeus next month—painted a mixed picture. It documented some progress on the ground in Iraq while still warning that “Iraqi political leaders remain unable to govern effectively.” On that same day, Republican Senator John Warner, a crucial voice on military matters, generated major headlines by calling on the President to start drawing down troops in Iraq.

All those developments helped make the policy debate over Iraq the top story in the media last week, as measured by PEJ’s weekly News Coverage Index August 19-24. All told the argument over Iraq filled 12% of the newshole in the Index, which includes four dozen different news outlets from different media sectors. The debate over war strategy led only in one media sector (17% in cable), but it finished second in radio (16%), second in newspapers (8%), third on network TV (9%), and fourth online (7%).

This marked the first time since the week of the infamous July 17 Senate “slumber party”—when Democrats forced an all-night debate on the war—that the topic was the top story in the media. The subject received double the percentage of coverage last week that it generated (6%) in the period from May 20- Aug. 24. (That coverage slowed after a crucial May 24 Congressional vote funded the war without imposing withdrawal timetables, an outcome widely viewed as a major victory for the administration.)

The situation inside Iraq itself, by comparison, was the fifth-biggest story (5%) last week, with much of the coverage focused on the 14 U.S. troops killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash on Aug. 22. The 2008 presidential campaign, which featured a Democratic debate in Iowa, was the third biggest story at 7%. And the wrath of nature filled out the other two top-five slots, with Hurricane Dean finishing second at 8% and the storms and flooding that pounded Texas and the Midwest coming in No. 4 at 7%.

The V-Word Heats Up the Iraq Debate