Donnés relatives à l'éducation post-secondaire en Amérique du Nord:

% de la population (25-64 ans) avec une éducation post-secondaire
Éducation OCDE

Éducation OCDE

OECD Regions at a Glance 2007

In today’s knowledge-based economy a region’s growth prospects depend to a large extent on its ability to generate and use innovation. This capability, in turn, depends, among other factors, on the skills level of the regional labour force. The proportion of the adult population with tertiary education is a common proxy for a region’s skills level.

Concentration of tertiary-level attainment in urban regions is often the result of migration away from rural areas. The existence of significant differentials in the return to education between rural and urban areas is a major incentive for individuals with advanced educational levels to migrate to urban regions.

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