10 juillet 2007

Merveilles religieuses International Philosophie

Seven Wonders

Samedi dernier a pris fin la "consultation mondiale" pour décider des 7 nouvelles merveilles du monde.

Dans cette liste un élément m'a immédiatement frappé: on a préféré la Statue du Christ Rédempteur à la Statue de la Liberté.

On a préféré un symbole religieux à un symbole laïque. Un a préféré un monument rappelant les valeurs d'une religion à un monument rappelant les valeurs des lumières.

Doit-on y voir un choix révélateur d'un courant social ?  Trois des monuments sélectionnés sont des symboles religieux.

Autre élément intéressant de cette liste: aucune "merveille" moderne…

10 juillet 2007

Top 5 USA États-Unis Top Actualité

Le Top 5 de l'actualité américaine (1-6 juillet) selon le Pew Research Center:

Actualité USA

The "Doctors' Plot" is Number One

The London and Glasgow terror attacks failed to inflict serious casualties, and the Fourth of July passed without incident in the United States. But what Terry Moran called “the doctors’ plot” (ABC ran the caption “Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde” during his report) was enough of a man-bites-dog story to lead the coverage last week. According to PEJ’s News Coverage Index, the subject filled 14% of the newshole in the period from July 1-6. It was also the No. 1 story in the newspaper (12%), online (22%) and network news (19%) sectors. (The previous week, it had been the fourth-biggest story at 5%. But only the June 29 discovery of the two car bombs occurred early enough to be counted in that Index.)

The political firestorm that erupted over President Bush’s July 2 commutation of Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s 30-month sentence in the Valerie Plame case was the second-biggest story last week (at 11%). And the 2008 Presidential race was punctuated by one of those yardsticks that attracts plenty of media attention, even if it may be a forgotten statistic when the votes come start to come in months from now. Driven by the release of second-quarter 2007 fundraising numbers, the campaign was third last week, generating 8% of the overall coverage.

The immigration debate—the lead story at 12% in last week’s Index—slipped to fourth (4%) as the fallout from the bill’s June 28 demise waned. The fifth-biggest story (at 3%) was a potpourri of July Fourth-related events that included fireworks accidents and a three cent rise in the cost of beer. Not included was the big upset at the July 4 Coney Island hot dog-eating contest where American Joey Chestnut devoured 66 dogs in 12 minutes to beat the previously invincible Japanese champ Takeru Kobayashi. That stunning display of epicurean athleticism attracted only a minimal amount of coverage.

The "Doctors' Plot" is Number One