2 juin 2007

Garderies « les petites frimousses cagoulées » En Vidéos Moyen-Orient Palestine Terrorisme

Voici le genre de chose qu'on fait faire aux enfants dans les garderies du Hamas…

On est loin de la religion de paix.

Golda Meir, première ministre Israélienne:
"We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."

2 juin 2007

Le complexe terroristo-industriel Économie Irak Terrorisme

Pourquoi en Irak il y a tant de civils délibérément tués par des voitures piégées ou des kamikazes ?

Parce que c'est payant !

En Irak ce n'est pas le "complexe militaro-industriel" qui tue le plus mais le "complexe terroristo-industriel":

Bombers’ Bazaar

The Iraqi insurgency is not gaining more ideological or religious adherents. Rather, it may be gathering steam because of a far more powerful incentive: profit. Attacks by insurgent groups are now a well-financed, fully functioning market — and would-be bombmakers are advertising their services for hire. “The bottom line for these people is not religion or fanaticism, but who is going to help me make ends meet,” says Lt. Col. Ross Brown of the 3rd Calvary Regiment.

For the small, highly skilled teams of insurgent bombmakers in Iraq, the Internet has become an advertising tool. The bombmakers, who normally work in teams of six to 10 people, employ cameramen who are strategically positioned to film their attacks from the most dramatic angles. These digital videos are then edited, set to religiously themed music, and posted on jihadist Web sites or e-mailed in an effort to demonstrate their proficiency. After watching the various bombs at work, larger insurgent groups then hire the bombmakers on a per-job basis, paying between $300 and $1,000 per attack.

Citation Nous on fabrique des bombes
De plus en plus en plus de bombes
Nous on fabrique des bombes
On peut en tuer des millions à la ronde