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GOP Worries About Iraq Fuel War Policy Coverage

As it has on a number of weeks this year, the political debate over U.S. policy in Iraq generated more coverage than any other story last week, filling 14% of the overall newshole, according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index from May 6-May 11. This time, however, the story was not the predictable and continuing squabbling of Democrats and Republicans over Congressional maneuvering.

It was Republicans challenging the President with their concerns that the war in Iraq would damage the party’s political fortunes for years to come. And much of the American news media treated the exchange at the White House as a breakthrough event.

Last week highlighted the media’s tendency to report other news through the prism of the war and the perceived political damage it is doing to President Bush, his legacy, the GOP and anyone else associated with the conflict. The resignation of Tony Blair in Great Britain, and even the tornadoes in Greensburg, Kansas, were covered as a reflection of the ripple effect of the war. Iraq has become for the media a master narrative affecting everything.

After the Iraq policy debate, the second-biggest story of the week was the foiled plans of a group of would-be terrorists to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey (which filled 6% of the newshole). The Kansas tornadoes were the third biggest story (6%), followed closely by the Presidential campaign (also 6%).

Four other stories were bunched tightly behind the first four—events on the ground in Iraq, Tony Blair’s resignation, the French presidential elections and the wild fires in California (all at 3%).

It was a week of natural disasters. If one were to combine the tornadoes, the Midwest flooding, the Georgia/Florida wildfires, plus those in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park and Santa Catalina Island, natural disasters (at 13% total) would have rivaled the Iraq policy debate for consuming the media’s attention. Images of fires behind the Griffith Park Observatory, so familiar from such films as Rebel Without A Cause, lent a sense of drama to the footage.

GOP Worries About Iraq Fuel War Policy Coverage