On le sait, Gilles Duceppe clame haut et fort qu'il faut rétablir l'équilibre en Afghanistan. Qu'il faut moins de militaire et plus d'humanitaire.

Monsieur Duceppe voici qu'elle est la situation sur le terrain:

The Daily Telegraph
Taliban campaign targets girls' schools

The notice pinned to the board outside the Mohammed Hussain Maila girls' school in Dara Adamkhel was uncompromising: "We have decided to bomb the school building. If any of the students shows up and dies as a result, she will be responsible for her own death." […]

Across the border in Afghanistan, the Taliban's antipathy towards the education of girls is well-documented, and has led to the murders of at least 61 teachers in the past 18 months and the razing of 183 schools. […]

"We always wanted our daughter to acquire education, but we are scared," said Baaz Khan, a businessman, who took his 11-year-old daughter from the school. […]

A decree issued last week by Mufti Khalid Shah, a religious leader, said: "All these NGOs are working on the agenda of Zionists; it is a duty of every Muslim to destroy their offices, attack their vehicles and to kill its members."

He added: "It is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction against these -infidels."