Chavez le rouge

Lors de la dernière élection, Chavez avait promis de donner aux vénézuéliens le "socialisme du 21e siècle". Plus on voit aller Chavez, plus on dirait que son "socialisme du 21e siècle" ressemble au bon vieux communisme totalitaire…

Why Chávez Wins

Venezuelans of all stripes may have no choice but to accept Chávez’s continued rule. He has used his time in office, and his country’s ample resources, to consolidate a formidable political machinery whose power is based not only on its ability to hand out rewards to supporters, but also to punish its opponents by systematically denying them access to employment and public services. Every arm of the state, from the tax collection agency to the judicial system, is being used to ensure that Chávez’s opponents pay a high cost for their political opinions.

The centerpiece of this system is the elaborate Maisanta database, an electronic registry of the political allegiances of 12.4 million Venezuelans. In what Venezuelan economist Ana Julia Jatar has termed a “21st century apartheid,” the list is routinely used by government offices to screen job applicants and those seeking social assistance. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is currently processing 780 cases of political discrimination against signers of the petition to hold the 2004 recall referendum. Only time will tell whether Chávez’s elaborate system for the suppression of dissent will be sufficient to counteract the effect of an economic downturn. In the meantime, another oil boom will have been squandered and another chance for Venezuela’s development will have been thrown into the dustbin.

De plus, au Venezuela, le vote se fait avec des machines électroniques. Pour voter la machine doit d'abord scanner vos empreintes digitales qui sont envoyées, pour fin de comparaison, dans une base de donnés nationale. Bref, si vous votez contre Chavez, Chavez a les moyens de le savoir et il peut ensuite vous bloquer tout accès à la fonction publique et aux programmes d'assistance sociale. Vive le socialisme du 21e siècle !

Mais là, comme c'est dit au nom du socialisme, personne n'en parle…