Tiré du blogue de Mark Lynch (spécialiste du Moyen-Orient) au sujet de la pendaison de Saddam:

Reflections on Egypt

One of the main bookstores in central Cairo is prominently featuring posters for an instant book declaring that "Saddam was not executed" – it was all an American hoax. The guy who hanged was actually one of Saddam's doubles – the author compares a bunch of pictures of Saddam in power with pictures from the trial and execution, and declares that they are obviously not the same man. It's a nutty book in every sense of the word… I don't know how many people (besides me) have bought it, but I saw the poster in a few places.

Nos amis conspirationnistes, fidèles à leurs habitudes, ont été rapide sur la gâchette pour crier au complot. Mieux vaut en rire !