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Michelle Mone blasts Nicola Sturgeon over the SNP’s ‘vitriolic cybernats’
Daily Express

Underwear magnate Michelle Mone has blasted the leader of the SNP after being subjected to what she said was a ‘vitriolic’ hate campaign by the party’s supporters. The 43-year-old said she would leave the country after being bombarded with abuse after supporting the ‘No’ campaign in last year’s referendum.

She said: « I found myself caught up in a growing, and extremely vitriolic social media hate campaign after becoming one of only a few business leaders to come out in favour of both nations remaining together. »

« For the first time, I didn’t feel safe in Scotland. I have absolutely no problem with people expressing an opinion, but if you are going to be disrespectful, I don’t want to hear it.

« I was called a ‘****’, a ‘cow’, a ‘slut’, as well as being told, ‘I’m going to get it’ and ‘We’ll come and get you’.

« There is only so much negativity a person can take and, now I’ve moved out of Scotland I feel as if a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. « I can cope with personal threats and abusive tweets, but the hate shown to anyone who stands up for the Union, or who demonstrates the entrepreneurial passion Scotland is famous for the world over, led me reluctantly to reach the decision to relocate. My increasing international commitments mean it makes more sense for me to live in London, too. »

Le nationalisme c’est exactement la même chose que le fanatisme religieux.