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David Cameron announces pay freeze for ministers to ensure Cabinet ‘plays its part’
The Independent

Government ministers will face a further five years of frozen pay, David Cameron has announced, insisting that the Cabinet “will all play [their] part” in balancing the books.

The move will save £4m by 2020 and the Prime Minister said it sent a clear signal that he was intent on showing that his “all in this together” approach continued.

Mr Cameron said the decision to freeze ministerial pay for the duration of the parliament was part of his “one nation” approach to tackling the deficit and becoming a country where “all hard-working people can get on”.

“We can’t pretend there’s not still a long way to go,” he said. “We’ve halved the deficit as a share of the economy – but there’s still half of it left to pay off. So we will continue to take the difficult decisions necessary to bring spending down and secure our economy.

“As we go about doing that, I want people to be in no doubt: I said five years ago we were all in this together, and five years on, nothing has changed.”

Voilà ce qui explique en partie pourquoi les Britanniques ont réélu le gouvernement qui leur a promis l’austérité il y a quelques semaines, parce que les conservateurs sont cohérents et rigoureux dans leur atteinte du déficit zéro.

Ce n’est pas comme au Québec où d’un côté on parle de rigueur et de l’autre on augmente le salaire des députés tout en donnant des millions pour qu’un artiste supposément talentueux puisse se payer un théâtre.