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Oil pipeline operators collaborating on airborne leak-detection research
Edmonton Journal

C-FER Technologies of Edmonton will conduct lab and field testing of instruments that can be flown over buried pipelines to detect small leaks of crude oil and other hydrocarbon liquids.

The testing is on behalf of Enbridge Pipelines, TransCanada Corporation and Kinder Morgan Canada.

The pipeline operators announced this week they are collaborating on the safety initiative, with each contributing $200,000. The companies are already jointly funding other leak-detection research at C-FER.

The goal of the new project is to identify aircraft-mounted technologies that are best suited to detecting small leaks from liquid petroleum pipelines. “The whole intent is to detect the leaks before they reach the surface,” Brian Wagg, C-FER’s director of business development and planning, said Thursday.

“It’s not so much can you see an oil leak, but how small of a leak can you actually see — how fast can we catch these things.”Infrared camera-based systems, laser-based spectroscopy systems and flame ionization detection systems are among the technologies to be tested.

Mauvaise nouvelle pour les gauchistes, le transport de pétrole par pipeline va devenir encore plus sécuritaire !